What We Do

We at National Standard, provide financing, liquidity programs and policy based creative and transformative solutions to governments, financial and banking markets and the infrastructure industry in over 70 countries around the world.

NSF is identified as a unique and specialized niche financial institution, as we are a single source debt provider of long term (20-40 year) financing for essential social and economic infrastructure projects and also as a monetary liquidity provider to governments and the banking sector providing more efficient private debt as an alternative to public bonds.

National Standard develops and finances infrastructure and real estate assets by bridging the gap between the public authorities’ financing requirements and their need to deliver long-term infrastructure assets and services,with the expertise and efficiencies provided by private sector developers and private capital.

A strategic player in global infrastructure markets and sovereign based investing, National Standard partners with sovereign, sub-sovereign and local governments, private developers and like-minded corporations help design infrastructure development and capital programs.

National Standard provides primarily long term debt financing and advisory services to:

  • Sovereign, Sub-Sovereign and governmental entities
  • Social and economic infrastructure sector (public and private)
  • Banks, non-bank financial institutions and insurance companies

National Standard fills the role as a private sector quasi global infrastructure development bank and monetary institution with commercial investment banking, structured finance and fund manager skill sets together with geopolitical policy making capabilities and knowledge.

  • First private non-governmental institution to focus exclusively on sovereign, sub-sovereign and infrastructure funding, development, economic development and public policy related to these subjects.
  • We are politically neutral to all governments.
  • Creator and manager of complex government economic and infrastructure plans globally.
  • We are not a broker.

Effectively our institution provides a Western financial alternative to Chinese policy loans and multilateral agencies to governments and infrastructure clients without political strings or interference as we are politically neutral and a non-governmental institution.