Banks & Insurance

National Standard provides a distinctive breed of sophisticated liquidity solutions to banks, multilateral institutions, central banks, non-bank financial institutions and to the insurance industry.

These liquidity capabilities include direct debt financing to Treasury, loan or asset portfolio recapitalization/securitization, balance sheet refinancing, Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital, acquisitions, payment of regulatory fines, solvency capital support, non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios, debt syndication of loans and portfolio asset management based financing structures. Our liquidity support does not require collateral or assets and can be unsecured in qualified structured transactions.

In addition, we are able to purchase institutional time deposits from qualified banks and institutions that are structured in compliance with our conditions and requirements.

National Standard’s liquidity products can be used as a single source institutional capital alternative to share capital increases, capital markets borrowing and central bank liquidity borrowing. Our liquidity is provided generally in U.S. Dollar or Euro denominated currencies, as we prefer not to directly take currency risk, however currency hedging by the client may be utilized to offset the currency exchange if needed. Our bank and institutional products can have maturities of 3 to 40 years and are competitively priced compared to market terms.

We also have the ability to provide US Dollar foreign currency reserves to foreign central banks, commercial banks and insurance companies, subject to customary compliance and regulatory guidelines. All transactions and products are in complete compliance with all United States regulatory and compliance requirements.

Bancos y Seguros

National Standard ofrece una variedad distintiva de sofisticadas soluciones de liquidez para bancos, instituciones multilaterales, bancos centrales, instituciones financieras no bancarias y para la industria de seguros. Estas capacidades de liquidez incluyen financiamiento directo de deuda al Tesoro, recapitalización / bursatilización de préstamos o activos, refinanciamiento de balance, capita

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National Standard ofrece una mezcla diversa de productos y soluciones basados ??en políticas de financiamiento, asesoramiento, económico y monetario convincentes para empresas soberanas, sub-soberanas, estatales, entidades gubernamentales y ministerios de gobierno en todo el panorama global. Somos expertos experimentados en asuntos económicos y política monetaria de los gobiernos y debido a e

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Las estructuras y finanzas de National Standard y en algunos casos ayudan a planificar y desarrollar infraestructura y activos inmobiliarios al cerrar la brecha entre los requisitos de financiación de las autoridades públicas y su necesidad de entregar activos y servicios de infraestructura a largo plazo, con la experiencia y la eficiencia proporcionadas por promotores del sector privado y capit

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En National Standard, somos arquitectos y especialistas en implementación de las mejores iniciativas económicas, monetarias, geopolíticas y de infraestructura a medida de su clase. Complimentary of our financial capabilities, we advise and pilot our clients with the creation, management and implementation of national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy initiatives at the macro

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