Mark Gantar

Mark Gantar is Managing Director at National Standard responsible for business and corporate development in Africa and other emerging markets, specializing in Foreign Direct Investment. At National Standard, Mark develops and manages relationships with Africa sovereigns, banks and local corporations active in Africa. Mr. Gantar regularly travels and visits numerous Africa countries to meet with government leaders, business community and major infrastructure project sponsors.

Mr. Gantar is a global economic development leader with diverse experience in growing business operations and facilitating complex public-private investment both in the U.S. and Africa. He is a seasoned professional in the information technology field starting out as a systems engineer and eventually running his own technology company for the past decade. His industry experience includes technology staffing, training, finance, manufacturing, and energy. In his diplomatic role as Honorary Consul for Ethiopia, he has international experience with overseas business operations and foreign direct investment.

In his technology business, he has focused a good portion of his work on the federal government for consulting and training. Core competencies include large enterprise federal government systems and Business Intelligence utilizing a General Services Administration (GSA) contract from the U.S. Federal Government. He has secured various Government contracts over the years.

Mr. Gantar is the Honorary Consul for Ethiopia in Seattle. His passion for Ethiopia and Africa as a whole has been demonstrated by his relentless commitment to bringing relevant technology to Ethiopia in impactful and cost-effective methods utilizing public private partnerships. His international experiences include large scale technology and energy related projects in Africa and numerous training and content engagements in India, Europe, and Asia.

He has worked closely with numerous international organizations such as World Bank, OPIC, African Development Bank, and USAID to gain funding, support and general assistance for various projects in sub-Sahara Africa. Some of these projects were in the areas of education, energy, agriculture, health, non-profits, financing, and transportation.
He is heavily involved in business and capacity building in Ethiopia. Worked in cooperation with numerous Ministries and non-profits on both capacity building endeavors and for-profit projects. In Mr. Gantar’s role as Honorary Consul he is extremely active with the Ethiopian Consulate Office in Los Angeles and the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC assisting with everything from the implementation of technology, philanthropic endeavors, consular duties, and fostering more business activity between the United States and Ethiopia.

He has a strong track record of performance in turning around or building organizations by applying modern technology to enhance business operations. Responsible for overseeing all strategic planning, technical, financial, and business aspects of multiple companies. Deep business operational experience with system integration, manufacturing engineering systems, technical content and curriculum development.