Who We Are

National Standard is the world’s first globally integrated, exclusively dedicated, infrastructure and sovereign finance organization with geopolitical economic policy making capabilities.

National Standard’s consortium of member companies make up a multinational umbrella organization active in more than 70 countries around the world, spanning from the America’s and Europe to the Far East of Asia, Africa and the GCC. The organization includes affiliate companies in diverse industries and expertise including debt finance, leasing, insurance, project and real estate development services and aviation. National Standard is not a commercial bank or securities dealer and does not provide banking or securities related services and products. National Standard maintains offices and professionals in the global markets we serve and is governed by a Global Management Committee.

We built our organization, products and reputation around the unique needs of three distinct clients:

Unlike traditional banks and equity investors, National Standard is the architect of sophisticated institutional liquidity capital that supports our public sector clients’ national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy. We accomplish this by providing long term flexible and friendly financing without the use of public bonds to:

Complimentary of our finance products, we advise and pilot our clients with the creation, management and implementation of national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy initiatives at the macro and micro level on a bespoke basis.
These may include Marshall Plan oriented infrastructure and economic policy plans.

In the private sector, National Standard provides passive direct investment to banks, non-bank financial institutions and insurance companies.

In this asset class, we act as a primary or alternative source of long term liquidity to financial and insurance global markets as a private alternative to raising liquidity via public bonds or Central Bank borrowing.